We have your back

Working at SkillShot is different. Different good. We place a lot of trust in our employees right from the start, give them support in difficult times and understand that life in Berlin cannot always be planned


Esports/Gaming Expertise

How did BIG play this weekend? What role will Valorant play at esports? We talk about things that are important to us



Pipe burst? Doctor’s appointment? Package lost? Happened in Berlin. Stay at home, because less worry means more concentration



You can’t do anything without coffee? Do you include a cold Mate for breakfast? Our beverage warehouse will make you happy – that’ s a promise


Other Benefits

Our partners are yours too. Through our extensive network, we can help you with your next PC upgrade or the purchase of a new gaming chair


Core working hours

We’re offering you a six-hour core shift. Say adiéu to 7 days/12 hours startup mentality


Open communication

We don’t give “from the top down” orders. We explain and we listen to you.

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