We shape the future of esport

Skillshot Consulting GmbH is a full-service consulting agency with a focus on esports and gaming. With over 50 years cumulated esports experience we offer the guarantee for high-quality individual concepts far away from well trodden marketing paths.

Our projects

With our services we want to contribute significantly to the advancement of gaming and esports on a national and international level. Whether through teams, our own tournament series or the further development of peripheral/hardware products – our projects are as diverse as the market itself.

Ready for a success story?


Our service spectrum ranges from classic consulting to operative marketing campaigns


In the beginning we do not ask how and with which product a brand should enter the market, but whether a brand should enter the market. In our standardized analysis procedure we look at the brand or product from a variety of perspectives and create a basis for decision making that clearly lists the possible opportunities and risks. On this basis, the brand can then make a decision for or against an entry into gaming or esports.


If a brand has decided to enter the market, we analyse the market on the basis of the parameters specified by the customer and draw up proposals for action that authentically bring out the strengths of the brand or product. This can mean both the conclusion of a classic partnership with an established player on the market and the completely new development of a solution.


Both after we have created the concept and for established projects, our team naturally also takes over the complete management of the project and summarizes the most important information for the customer in a report. Our spectrum ranges from simple social media support to the implementation of entire competitions, teams and HR measures. During implementation, we place particular emphasis on the constant improvement and adaptation of the product to current conditions.


Shifting priorities among young high potentials in the field of employee recruitment are leading to major recruitment problems for many companies, especially in highly competitive conurbations or those located in remote regions. With our modular Gamified HR solution, we offer companies the opportunity to recruit specialists in a targeted manner with gaming and esports, filter high potentials within their own ranks and retain them in the long term.